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Adult Shin Nagare Karate

Our adult karate class focuses on hard workouts that strengthen your mind, body and spirit. We know that adults lead busy lives - but when you come to class, we expect you ready to work hard and focus. Our small class sizes allow us to provide you with the personalized attention you need to push past yourlimitations and bring out the best version of yourself.

Shin Nagare Karate is a practical, full range martial art that combines karate, kickboxing and jujitsu - so our serious students will be well prepared for any situation. We combine traditional training practices with the best of modern research to provide you with a fantastic workout and valuable, life saving training.

If a hard, serious workout that teaches practical self defense all while maintaining a sense of fun is what you're after, then you might be a good fit for our adult karate class. Bring your best attitude, and come prepared to work hard!